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Miracle on 42nd Street, the PBS-aired documentary that I cowrote, will be available in late February for streaming purchase on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Fans of physical media, please note that DVDs will be available in just a matter of days via Amazon. Truly, we live in an age of wonder.

These stories made my mother’s eyes water

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So, I wrote the following stories. I emailed them to my mother. I received a reply from said mother that said stories “made [her] eyes water.”

From fatigue.

Please be advised: These are not short reads.

Both concern the summer of 1969. Both were written for iDaily. And both will make your eyes water.

From something or other.

News and Notes: ‘Miracle’ in the O.C.

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Miracle on 42nd Street, the doc on subsidized housing, artist communities and the origin story of Seinfeld that I keep posting about (’cause I cowrote it with Steve Ryfle), will screen April 29 as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival. Tickets, as they say, are now on sale.

In other business: