Child Star Gone Good

Child Stars, Journalism, R.I.P.

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We tend to think the child-star story begins with great success, and ends with a great fall. But what if things weren’t really so great when the success was happening? And what if something greater came out of the fall?

That’s the Patty Duke story, charted for Yahoo!


When a “Christmas Story” Kid Met Richard Pryor

Child Stars, Journalism, Richard Pryor, Scott Schwartz

For this interview I did for Yahoo!, I figured Scott Schwartz would talk about his two signature films, A Christmas Story and The Toy, as well as his current work with the child-actor advocacy group, A Minor Consideration. I did not figure on Schwartz talking so much, and with such affection, about Richard Pryor: “I joked with Richard for years, and he joked back: I was the white son he never had.”

Latest Podcast: Reconsidering Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, Quitting Lark Voorhies–and Amanda Peterson and the Sadness Scale

Amanda Peterson, Ariana Grande, Child Stars, Justin Bieber, Lark Vorhies, Podcast, R.I.P., Teen idols

loveAll right, Episode 20 posted a few days ago, so it’s more like the semi-latest edition, but my point about doughnuts being treasures that should be kept under glass stands nonetheless.

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