John Q. Celebrity: Donald Trump Supporter Edition

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I detail the prototypical bold-faced supporter of the presumptive Republican president nominee for Yahoo!


Dear Mitt Romney, Please Stop Airing Your Ads During My 80-Year-Old Mother’s Favorite TV Shows

Me, My Mother, Politics

Apparently, you kinda ruined Live With Kelly and Michael and The View for her this morning.

A guide to the best parts:

0:30 — My mother endorses Michael Strahan as a “pretty good actor.”

1:40 — My mother goes off on CNN’s John King.

1:55 — My mother channels the Koch brothers. “Where did all my money go?” she laments, asking why President Obama hasn’t bought more TV time with her contributions.

2:01 — My mother questions whether Los Angeles’ KABC7 is “going for Romney probably” because it’s owned by Disney, “which is probably Republican.”

2:12 — My mother goes off on everybody, save MSNBC. (“You might as well talk to Fox [as to] CNN.”)

This post could alternately be called, “Dear President Obama, Please Win on Tuesday, or Else My Answering Machine Is Going to Get an Earful.”