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Miracle on 42nd Street, the PBS-aired documentary that I co-wrote, will be available in late February for streaming purchase on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Fans of physical media, please note that DVDs will be available in just a matter of days via Amazon. Truly, we live in an age of wonder.


News and Notes: Miracle in the O.C.

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Miracle on 42nd Street, the doc on subsidized housing, artist communities and the origin story of Seinfeld that I co-wrote with Steve Ryfle, will screen April 29 as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival. Tickets, as they say, are now on sale.

In other business:

That Time I Guested on That Podcast…

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…And then didn’t get around to promoting the episode on my site for a week-and-a-half. Yes, that would be how I didn’t properly note my Aug. 2 appearance on one of my favorite podcasts, Alonso Duralde‘s and Dave White‘s Linoleum Knife. It’s the best movie-review show out there, and it was a blast to be invited to think celebrity thoughts out loud and on their podcast air.

Now if I can only figure out how to be on Serial without actually being harmed or accused of a heinous crime…

Former Child Star Central: Now a Podcast!

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icon-mic2Yes, Former Child Star Central, the Website, is finally a weekly podcast. Yes, Joal Ryan is your host. And, yes, child stars, teen idols and other human beings will be discussed.

Episodes will post Friday-ish at Podbean. (No iTunes yet. Stay tuned.)

This week’s episode: “Justin Bieber Turns 21: A Cursed Year for a Teen Idol? Maybe, Maybe Not.”

Exciting, yes?

My (Very) Small Role in Oscar History

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So, I had the TCM-produced doc And the Oscar Goes to… on Netflix today when I was surprised to hear…me!

My cameo comes during a clip of George Clooney‘s Oscar-night press conference for his Best Supporting Actor win for Syriana. You hear an unseen reporter address a question to “Mr. Clooney.” And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, that unseen reporter is…me!

I was covering the press room that night for E!, and I called Clooney “Mr. Clooney” because even if I’d been watching him since The Facts of Life it didn’t feel like we were on a George-name basis.

Clooney was bemused by “Mr. Clooney,” made a crack about how an Academy Award confers insta-respectand a (very) small bit of Oscar history was made.

If you catch me on Netflix, the Clooney clip is at about the 1:30-minute mark. In the above clip, it’s at about the 3-minute mark.