Latest Podcast: Shameless Clickbait Edition with Bette Davis’ 4th Husband

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merrillIf you can get past the Gary Merrill centennial ploy, then there’s also thoughtful discussion of Zayn Malik‘s stated desire to make “#realmusic,” the industriousness behind the insta-covers of “Drag Me Down” (originally recorded, natch, by Malik’s ex-bandmates from One Direction) and the reality that no matter how young and happening you are you will one day be replaced by your replacement, who may, in fact, be born the very day you are at the height of your youth and happening-ness. (Exhibit A: JC Chasez and Shawn Mendes.)

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Latest Podcast: Boy Bands, Boy Bands, Boy Bands, Plus Mariel Hemingway, Woody Allen and “Scott Pilgrim”

Backstreet Boys, Child Stars, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, one direction, Podcast, Teen idols, Zayn Malik

malikLook, I didn’t make Zayn Malkin leave One Direction. I just have to talk about it when it happens. I also didn’t make Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and the Backstreet Boys all make news in the same week. They just did.

I did, however, come up with an argument as to why Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a morally superior film to Woody Allen‘s (and Mariel Hemingway‘s) Manhattan. I did that all on my own.


Give a listen, won’t you?