Latest Podcast: How to Construct the Foolproof Oscar Ballot: Or, Think Like a 62-Year-Old White Male

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old man

It’s simple really.

And, yes, also sad.

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Latest Podcast: Jennifer Lopez’s Cape, Amy Schumer’s Pockets, Mozart in the Jungle, Batman ’66

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“The ‪‎cape‬ is a start, but we need ‪turtlenecks‬. On cold awards-show nights, I call on actors of the female persuasion to go with more capes and ‪pockets‬–but really more jackets and turtlenecks.” Me, slightly paraphrasing me on the latest ‪Joal Ryan Thing podcast‬.


As an added bonus, I commemorate Tuesday’s 50th anniversary of the premiere of the 1966-1968 Adam WestBurt Ward TV series, Batman, with a discussion with comic-book writer Jim Beard, editor of the anthology, Gotham City 14 Miles: 14 Essays on Why the 1960s Batman TV Series Matters.

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Whatever Happened to Miss America?

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The answer was and wasn’t as succinct as I expected. No, Miss America is not the celebrity that it was. But, yes, it’s survived reports of its demise for nearly as long as it’s been around—and it’s been around for nearly a century.

The 95th anniversary edition of the pageant is tonight. The story I wrote for Yahoo! posted today. (Yay, synergy!)

By the by, when I was young and (more) full of snark, I once covered the pageant for E! I remember being struck by the crowd outside the convention, its faces full of young hopefuls and their mothers. Men might have run the operation, but women and girls powered it. It was and is the way of the world, not just Miss America.