These stories made my mother’s eyes water

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So, I wrote the following stories. I emailed them to my mother. I received a reply from said mother that said stories “made [her] eyes water.”

From fatigue.

Please be advised: These are not short reads.

Both concern the summer of 1969. Both were written for iDaily. And both will make your eyes water.

From something or other.


News and Notes: Miracle in the O.C.

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Miracle on 42nd Street, the doc on subsidized housing, artist communities and the origin story of Seinfeld that I co-wrote with Steve Ryfle, will screen April 29 as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival. Tickets, as they say, are now on sale.

In other business:

Latest Podcast: Prince. Just Prince.

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prince album

In which I discuss  Prince thoughts you could be pondering (like why Prince, but not Michael Jackson, got an Elvis send-off) rather than listening to my Prince-only podcast. You’re welcome.

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Whatever Happened to Miss America?

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The answer was and wasn’t as succinct as I expected. No, Miss America is not the celebrity that it was. But, yes, it’s survived reports of its demise for nearly as long as it’s been around—and it’s been around for nearly a century.

The 95th anniversary edition of the pageant is tonight. The story I wrote for Yahoo! posted today. (Yay, synergy!)

By the by, when I was young and (more) full of snark, I once covered the pageant for E! I remember being struck by the crowd outside the convention, its faces full of young hopefuls and their mothers. Men might have run the operation, but women and girls powered it. It was and is the way of the world, not just Miss America.

Latest Podcast: So, Exactly How Many Child Stars “Go Bad” Anyway? Like, Exactly?

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I count them up on the latest Former Child Star Central podcast.

And, no, in the scheme of things, 19 isn’t a lot.

In fact, 19 represents just 2 percent of the 763 entries on Wikipedia’s “List of Former Child Actors From the United States” page.

I read said page aloud on the latest Former Child Star Central podcast.

And, yes, I read the entire page, and all 763 entries.

The better to make a very pointy point.