Latest Podcast: Shameless Clickbait Edition with Bette Davis’ 4th Husband

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merrillIf you can get past the Gary Merrill centennial ploy, then there’s also thoughtful discussion of Zayn Malik‘s stated desire to make “#realmusic,” the industriousness behind the insta-covers of “Drag Me Down” (originally recorded, natch, by Malik’s ex-bandmates from One Direction) and the reality that no matter how young and happening you are you will one day be replaced by your replacement, who may, in fact, be born the very day you are at the height of your youth and happening-ness. (Exhibit A: JC Chasez and Shawn Mendes.)

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Latest Podcast: Why Every Under-30 Hollywood Actress Should Heed This Anniversary*

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bowClara Bow would’ve turned 110* on Wednesday. For a time, the original “It” girl was the biggest movie star in all the world. Then she turned almost 30, and her run was done. For various reasons, sure, but let’s not pretend her advanced age wasn’t one of them.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, Louis Tomlinson and the “heartbreak” of the post-TV Duggar family are also discussed.

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Also, here’s a link to the next-to-latest latest podcast. I neglected to post it earlier, and for that I am sorry. (If you listen, you’ll know I’m am often sorry.)

* Note: The headline and Bow’s birthday have been corrected to reflect my realization that 2015 minus 1905 equals 110, not 100. Math be hard.

Latest Podcast: Hilary Duff, Chris Borland, Richard Grieco, Britney Spears, Sarah Jessica Parker, Haywood Nelson, “Tommy”

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dignityHilary Duff is back, and so is her virginity.

On the new, weekly episode of Former Child Star Central, I discuss what is wrong with you people, plus look for strains of child-star DNA in the Chris Borland/NFL retirement story, and explain why dear Richard Grieco is like a comet.

They don’t call me the Queen of Variety for nothing.

And, in truth, no, I’ve never actually been called the Queen of Variety. Not to my face anyway.


Former Child Star Central: Now a Podcast!

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icon-mic2Yes, Former Child Star Central, the Website, is finally a weekly podcast. Yes, Joal Ryan is your host. And, yes, child stars, teen idols and other human beings will be discussed.

Episodes will post Friday-ish at Podbean. (No iTunes yet. Stay tuned.)

This week’s episode: “Justin Bieber Turns 21: A Cursed Year for a Teen Idol? Maybe, Maybe Not.”

Exciting, yes?