Latest Podcast: How to Construct the Foolproof Oscar Ballot: Or, Think Like a 62-Year-Old White Male

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old man

It’s simple really.

And, yes, also sad.

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Want to See What a Real Killer Smile Looks Like?

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I love this GIF so much.

The words that surround the GIF, about the evolution of the Oscar-night feud, are okay, too.

But, c’mon, that GIF. That smile.That dagger (not pictured here, unfortunately) plunged into Bette Davis‘ back.

Come back to the Oscars, Joan Crawford, come back. We need you to accept every shiny, gold statuette that isn’t rightfully yours.

My (Very) Small Role in Oscar History

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So, I had the TCM-produced doc And the Oscar Goes to… on Netflix today when I was surprised to hear…me!

My cameo comes during a clip of George Clooney‘s Oscar-night press conference for his Best Supporting Actor win for Syriana. You hear an unseen reporter address a question to “Mr. Clooney.” And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, that unseen reporter is…me!

I was covering the press room that night for E!, and I called Clooney “Mr. Clooney” because even if I’d been watching him since The Facts of Life it didn’t feel like we were on a George-name basis.

Clooney was bemused by “Mr. Clooney,” made a crack about how an Academy Award confers insta-respectand a (very) small bit of Oscar history was made.

If you catch me on Netflix, the Clooney clip is at about the 1:30-minute mark. In the above clip, it’s at about the 3-minute mark.