New Podcast Episode: “Grey Gardens,” Leonard Nimoy, Corey Haim, Jackie Coogan, Brian Bosworth

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GreyGardens_theatricalposter -- resizeOh, what won’t I discuss on Former Child Star Central: The Podcast?

The central discussion in this week’s new episode is Albert and David Maysles‘ 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens, perhaps the child-star-iest movie of all-time (and, no, it doesn’t even feature a single child star). Janus Films is releasing a restored, 40th-anniversary print that begins its tour of art houses today in New York City. Slant Magazine’s Eric Henderson joins us (well, me) to discuss.

So, you know, give it a listen.


Former Child Star Central: Now a Podcast!

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icon-mic2Yes, Former Child Star Central, the Website, is finally a weekly podcast. Yes, Joal Ryan is your host. And, yes, child stars, teen idols and other human beings will be discussed.

Episodes will post Friday-ish at Podbean. (No iTunes yet. Stay tuned.)

This week’s episode: “Justin Bieber Turns 21: A Cursed Year for a Teen Idol? Maybe, Maybe Not.”

Exciting, yes?