Latest Podcast: Why Can’t We Let the Muppets Grow Up?

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Because muppetsthat’s how we treat teen idols. And while Kermit‘s a little old for the Justin Bieber treatment, that’s what he’s getting: He wants to move on, his audience doesn’t want him to. (Conversely, sometimes it’s the audience that moves on, and the act that stays the same–but in either case, out of sync things are.)

I talk Muppet theories and Muppet backlash on the new Muppet-y episode, featuring Joe Hennes, editor and co-owner of Tough Pigs: Muppet Fans Who Grew Up.

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Latest Podcast: “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm, Kiernan Shipka, Mason Reese, Alex Rodriguez

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mad men
Did we, meaning I, look for a way to insert myself into the Mad Men final-seven-episodes discussion? Yes, yes, I did.

Did we, meaning I, reach? No, no, I did not.

The latest episode of Former Child Star Central features a legit discussion on who is going to be Mad Men‘s ultimate former-child star: Jon Hamm or Kiernan Shipka? It also features a legit discussion with Mad Men Podcast host Jeremiah Panhorst.

And as if you needed more legit reasons to tune in, as it were, we, meaning I, have two words for you: Debralee Scott.

And also: Mason Reese.

And, yeah, Alex Rodriguez and Justin Bieber, too, but don’t let them deter you.

It’s time to give a listen.

I Live-Tweeted “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

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ScreenHunter_53 Nov. 26 20.42

Someone’s got to think the big thoughts. Plus, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the best Charlie Brown holiday special of them all.

I just did a plug right there.

For my book, Sylvia Plath Totally Ruins Father Knows Best: 50 Poems About TV, TV-Watching and the Existential Sadness of Conan O’Brien.

Pretty smooth, if I do say so myself.