TV + Poems = TV Poems!

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tv poems headerTV Poems is┬áthe new site and official home of Sylvia Plath Totally Ruins Father Knows Best: 50 Poems About TV, TV-Watching and the Existential Sadness of Conan O’Brien (Inverted Pyramid). Stop by, and figuratively say hello.


I Get All Pundit-y on the Movie Summer 2014 Box-Office

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My picks of the season’s worldwide champs for NewsWhistle’s preview. And, no, I do not go out on a limb, which means, yes, I boldly predict the new Transformers movie will make boatloads and boatloads and boatloads of money. You’re welcome.

“Sylvia Plath” Gets Pub

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“Sylvia Plath Totally Ruins ‘Father Knows Best,'” a poem from my fine Inverted Pyramid e-book of the same name, is excerpted in the February/March 2014 issue of Shelf Unbound, the book-review magazine.

The poem is found on page 29. The e-book, a collection of poems about TV, growing up, TV, growing older and more TV, is on sale at Amazon.