Latest Podcast: Did Lindsay Lohan Squander Her Most Employable Years?

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A judgmental question, to be sure, but I promise I’m not judging who you think I’m judging.

Let’s rewind.

Lindsay Lohan is off probation. That’s the good news.

The bad news is Lohan was in and out of court—and on probation—for nearly all of her 20s. Next month, in fact, she turns 29, which is terribly close to 30, which is roughly five years too old for women seeking jobs in Hollywood. I exaggerate, of course. But not by much. (See: Maggie Gyllenhaal revealing that, at age 37, she was deigned “too old” to play an on-screen love interest to an unnamed 55-year-old male star.)

Lohan’s age-gender challenges are discussed on the latest podcast episode of The Joal Ryan Thing (formerly Former Child Star Central).

And, yes, spoiler alert, the answer is Hollywood, I’m judging Hollywood.


I Live-Tweeted “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

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ScreenHunter_53 Nov. 26 20.42

Someone’s got to think the big thoughts. Plus, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the best Charlie Brown holiday special of them all.

I just did a plug right there.

For my book, Sylvia Plath Totally Ruins Father Knows Best: 50 Poems About TV, TV-Watching and the Existential Sadness of Conan O’Brien.

Pretty smooth, if I do say so myself.