Joe Jonas: It Ain’t All Unicorns and Rainbows for Disney Boys, Either

Child Stars

A must-read first-person piece by the Jonas Brothers brother for New York.

I’m guessing much will be made of the “revelations” that a young American male imbibed, inhaled and enjoyed the company of groupies. And I’m guessing much will be made of these PG-13 antics because Jonas wasn’t just any young American male; he was a young American Disney male.

So, if it’s any comfort to the Disney Girl, that fragile, “cursed” wretch, the Disney Boy doesn’t have things any easier. And that’s the real revelation of the article.

P.S.: My favorite part of “Joe Jonas: My Life As a Jonas Brother” is where Jonas notes the Magic Kingdom is all up for employing spirited tweens and teens—until, that is, the tweens and teens grow up and show just how spirited they really are. Personally, I don’t think Disney is at all surprised or phased when the rebellion happens. It knows these acts come with expiration dates; it stamped them right on there.