Happy New Fall TV Season, or An Excuse to Plug My Book

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105626The world’s first e-book of TV poetry is back, and better than ever (’cause it would be wrong if it were worse than ever).

Sylvia Plath Totally Ruins Father Knows Best: 50 Poems About TV, TV Watching and the Existential Sadness of Conan O’Brien is available at Amazon.

This updated and revised edition features an entertaining new title, a lovely new cover, minor tweaks here and overhauls there, an exciting innovation called a Table of Contents, plus a handful of new poems, including “First, You Cry,” about watching every episode of 30 Rock on Netflix—and then realizing you have no more episodes of 30 Rock to watch on Netflix, “The A.V. Club Can Only Do So Much,” about the advantages, and limits, of being a TV critic in this new golden age of TV, and “Cory Monteith,” about, sadly, the late Glee star.