Wendy, Marvin, Wonder Dog…and Me

Me, Superheroes, TV

On Sept. 8, 1973, Super Friends debuted on ABC. On Sept. 10, 1973, I’m pretty sure I debuted in first grade. I would’ve said Super Friends had a more successful launch, considering I got punched in the face, and kept my own counsel at the lunch tables where I made do with a Thermos-full of granola and milk, except Super Friends was actually canceled after its first season (it was later revived) whereas I got to go onto second grade, where nobody punched me and I moved up to Velveeta sandwiches at lunch. Winning!

In any case, since I didn’t think anyone would care about the 40th anniversary of my elementary-school premiere, I wrote about the 40th anniversary of Super Friends‘ for Yahoo!

You’re welcome.