Six Things Every Reporter Needs in an Awards-Show Press Room

Awards Shows, TV

1.  A headache stopper (i.e., Advil, aspirin,Tylenol, blunt instrument).

2. An extension cord (because you never know)

3. Assorted toiletries (because you never know)

4. Duct tape (because when the zombie invasion goes down, you and your extension cord and your assorted toiletries and your duct tape are going to throw down).

5. A lunch (because even though food is available you shouldn’t eat it, even though you do, because to do so, to eat, seems an ethical breach. For what it’s worth, you have brought a lunch to the Grammys, but that’s only because you don’t like the food at the Grammys. So, to recap, you are not only unethical, but a complainer to boot).

6. A healthy sense of self-worth (because, in a world of beautifully made-up people, you neither know how to dress nor have a dresser).

My duct tape and I are at the Emmys this afternoon, covering for E! Online. Follow my awards-show tweets @joalryan.

Postscript: Since I’ve already admitted to half-baked food ethics, I may as well go ahead and declare that I not only ate at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, but that I enjoyed my (free) food quite a bit, and the pudding cups quite a lot. Let me repeat: pudding cups! Nice ones! Butterscotch goodness with little sprigs of mint!

Full-disclosure add: I ate three pudding cups.

Add to the full-disclosure add: Maybe four.