All About About Pages

Shameless Self-Promotion

So, I have revised the bio on my About page.

What happened was my husband expressed the opinion that the previous bio on my About was too self-deprecating. This troubled me because I had not intended the previous bio on my About page to be self-deprecating. Not at all. But he thought it was, and there you have it: The audience is never wrong.

For what it’s worth, the previous bio on my About page was intended to be a thing of truth. When I wrote that as a writer I was not terribly accomplished, I meant it. A writer who is terribly accomplished does not need an About page. Philip Roth does not need an About page; I need an About page.

The nicest thing, I think, about not needing an About page is that besides being terribly accomplished, you likely have an assistant at your disposal should you decide on a whim that, yes, you would like an About page (even if, no, you don’t need one). I imagine Philip Roth sitting in his well-appointed office-slash-library, and calling out to his Ivy League-educated Andrew or Julia, “An About page…! Make me one of those, won’t you?”

The worst thing, I think, about needing an About page is that besides being terribly unaccomplished, you have no Andrew or Julia at your disposal. If you want an About page, you have to write it yourself. Not only do you have to write it yourself, you have to pretend you are not writing it yourself. While first-person bios have been done, third-person bios sound more authoritative. And so you write one. You. Just you. (Or should you say, “Just her?”)

The new bio on my About page, as you’ll see, is non-self-deprecating, but brief. It’s so brief, in fact, one might think that I think that I need no introduction. But that is clearly not what I think. I cannot say what Philip Roth thinks. My guess is that he does not think about me, not even one little bit. Lot of good my About page has done me.